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The company in Chelyabinsk. Misha from Belarus, Julia and Olga from Chelyabinsk and Peter from Rotterdam.
We went on a nightly sightseeing tour in Olga's lovely Lada Oka. Here we are visiting the monument of the eternal student, in front of the University. The girls told me that students visit this sculpture before exams for good luck.
There is a competition going on between russian cities in building/renovating the most beautiful railway station. Chelyabinsk station looked very luxuary and posh and easily outdoes any european railway station. Looking at the state of the city one wonders if the money couldn't have been spent any wiser but on the other hand, the citizens of Chelyabinsk can be proud on something now, and I guess they are.
Julia in her office with a friend.
Julia in the marshrutka, working her mobile.
Me and Julia on the central square in Chelyabinsk. Lenin's statue on the background.