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Driving eastwards into Siberia, the number of second hand japanese cars on the roads increases steadily. This was my first 'right-wheeled' car. Misha, sitting in front, got me this ride.
Passing the turn-off to the city Kurgan, hometown of Sergei Prokopev.
Kolja, a joyful 60-year old retired traindriver. He had been on the road all day escorting his son who was driving a too heavily loaded truck being hampered by flat tires.
On the detour road to Omsk circumventing Kazachstan. This is a minor road that is currently being upgraded into a magistral ('highway'). The more direct route to Omsk through Kazachstan got impopular since the break-up of the Soviet Union introduced long waiting times at the borders.
For hundreds of kilometers this road is completely battered, probably due to the increased traffic and of course, lack of maintenance. A long slow and bumpy zigzag ride in a truck got me near Omsk.
The first non-smoking truck driver I met in Russia - a curiosity.