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First ride leaving Novosibirsk. A pimped-up Lada race car with sporty driver. Not visible: missing rear window.
The road from Novosibirsk to Kemerovo, entering the Kuzbass area, wellknown for it's mines.
In the city bus going to the eastern edge of Kemerovo.
Hitchhiking in action. East of Kemerovo.
Police post (DPS) at the beginning of the road to Krasnoyarsk. The yellow cabin is a chain road restaurant called Dorozhnik. Founded by students from Kemerovo this chain is said to be rapidly expanding. The interior is colorful and clean. The menu consisted of prefab sandwiches and burgers all quickly being microwaved at your service.
On the way to Krasnoyarsk the deciduous forest gradually made place for real pine-forest. Here the 'real' taiga starts, though the official definition of taiga appears a topic of much discussion among siberians.