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30-7-2004 - 04-08-2004

A report of the first hitchhiking trip I made in Russia in summer 2004.

30/7/2004 11:30 - 4/8/2004 22:30 | #rides=14 | distance=1561 km

After having made an intensive study of hitchhiking in Russia and the former USSR, this summer was the time to give it a try. The following is a report including pictures of this undertaking. First I would like to mention my personal motivations for this trip

  1. Improvement of my knowledge of spoken russian.
  2. Improvement of my knowledge of Russia and the Russians in general
  3. Adventure seeking
  4. Promotion of hitchhiking in Russia and the former countries of the USSR by westerners
The report is divided along the days that I was actually hitchhiking. No words about the remaining days on this trip, they were spent with more usual touristic activities. See the complete foto gallery for some impressions. The final pages give some tips & tricks elaborating on my preparations and the stuff I carried along.

If you happen to understand dutch language you might prefer to read the dutch version of the story.
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